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Shackles are used for killing, scalding and eviscerating. Most small operations (under 350 birds per hour) don’t use shackles for killing or scalding due to the expense of the line and stun knife.

Many humane organizations require stunning which when done correctly should be done on a shackle instead of in a kill cone.

Eviscerating on a shackle, in my option, is the cleanest method of eviscerating. Having the bird hanging from a shackle keeps the body of the bird out of any material that can cause bacterial contamination on a table. There is a learning curve eviscerating on a shackle but no more difficult to learn if you learn on one the first time.

There are three basic types of shackle, killing, eviscerating and combination. The killing shackle often has a solid bar to maintain good electrical contact to insure a good stun. The eviscerating shackle and combination can be either mounted on a chain or solid bar. The combination shackle has inner and outer stirrups. The inner stirrups are for chickens and the outer stirrups are wider for use with turkeys.

Give us a call with any questions concerning shackles.