09x16 Shrink Bag (Individual)

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09x16 Shrink
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9X16 Broiler (3-4 lb) shrink bag

  • American Made
  • Comply with FDA & USDA Requirements
  • BPA Free
  • 55 Micron High Barrier

 Notice; We cannot take shrink bags back due to risk of contamination.


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32 Reviews

  • Posted by Erin & Roni Smith on 15th Jul 2015



    These bags are everything they say they are. Sturdy, seal great. Never had a problem, no freezer burn, no tears. Highly recommend them.

  • Posted by Unknown on 25th Jun 2015


    Not what I was expecting

    I ordered the clear shrink wrap bags and they were not what I was expecting. I have gotten bags in the past from another site and they were much thicker and seemed to seal better. I was also not impressed with shipping. It shouldn't be called priority shipping when it takes a week and a half for the bags to arrive.

  • Posted by Lynn on 27th May 2015


    Great product and easy to use.

    I LOVE these packages! It's easy to use and protects my product so much better than paper wrapping, and I don't have to incur the extra cost of vacuum packing equipment.

  • Posted by Lynn on 27th May 2015


    Great product and easy to use.

    The poultry labels come in an easy-to-use roll that sticks well to the shrink-wrap packaging, is easy to write on, and holds up well in the freezer.

  • Posted by Francis on 18th May 2015


    Just what I was looking for...

    Great product. Fast service. No complaints.

  • Posted by Rich on 25th Nov 2014


    These worked awesome!

    Never tried these before. A couple of seconds in the hot water (around 185*) they look just like in the store :)

  • Posted by Sandy on 3rd Nov 2014


    Never have a problem with freezer burn.

    I have used these shrink bags for several years and never had a problem of any kind. I recommend them to others who process their own poultry. The option to buy one or many is great as I only raise for my own use and can buy fresh bags each year. Also, the service is great!

  • Posted by Andrea on 27th Oct 2014


    Loved these bags over vacuum sealing!

    We just butchered 46 -10wk old cornish cross birds and loved these bags over our commercial vacuum sealer system from last year. The bags worked as expected, shrank quickly in hot water and we were done quickly. We zip tied the bags, used a fish fryer basket to immerse the shrink bagged birds, and used your poultry labels to seal up the hole poked before sending them to the freezer. There was a bit of a learning curve and some instructions on your site would have helped with that. Our chickens averaged 5.5lbs and for storage purposes, we cut them down the spine to save some space. They fit nicely in the 9x16 bags. The 7x14 were too small. We will never go back to vacuum sealing! Thanks, Cornerstone Farm!

  • Posted by Unknown on 20th Oct 2014


    Super bags!

    We offer poultry butchering and have started using these bags and have no complaints so far. Enjoy the option of being able to purchase one or 100 bags at our convenience.