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Poultry Packaging

Cornerstone Farm Ventures has always believed we will provide small amounts of items to our customers. If you want 1 plastic bag, we will sell it to you. We have always also believed we do not need to charge ridiculous prices for providing that service.

We provide poultry shrink bags as well as traditional poly or plastic bags for our customers one at a time. 

Choosing the right size bag can be challenging. Take a look at our recent blog on choosing bag sizes.




Price Each

Case Price

Parts (boneless breasts, etc.)


17¢ each




 23¢ each


 Broiler (3-4 lb)


 29¢ each


 Broiler Fresh


 32¢ each


 Roaster (4-6 lb)


 30¢ each


 Roaster Fresh


 36¢ each




 Large Chicken (6-12 lb)


 41¢ each


 Small Turkey (10-12 lb)


 61¢ each


 Medium Turkey (12-16 lb)


 63¢ each


 Med. Lg Turkey (16-20 lb)


 69¢ each


 Large Turkey (20-30 lb)


 99¢ each


Extra Large Turkey (30+lb)


$1.25 each


Click on the drop down menu to go to shrink bags, poly bags or accessories to close and seal different bags. We use almost all the products we sell so please call our office with questions.