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  The Best place and the largest assortment of poultry processing knives!

A good knife is worth its weight in gold. We offer 2 brands of top quality knives. Dexter Russell, the oldest knife manufacturer in America and Victorinox one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the world.

For an informative video on caring for your knives click here

Keeping your new knife sharp has many variables to consider, for example how dirty are the birds as that will dull the knife. When killing try to avoid cutting through feather quill as that will dull quicker than cutting just the skin. Don’t use the knife for other purposes, don’t put the knife in a dishwasher, and don’t store the knife in a drawer with a bunch of other silverware. Wash by hand and store in a way that other metal objects won’t be bumping up against them.

We recommend you use a steel to clean off microscopic buildup of fat on the blade. Click here to view a video on steeling a blade.

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