Utility Home Scalder

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Utility Home Scalder
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Our Utility Home Scalder Saves Time! Assures easy picking on small batches of birds. Will also scald ducks, guineas, game birds, chickens, small geese and small turkeys. Completely automatic thermostat temperature control. Heavy duty heating element maintains desirable uniform temperature, to ensure good picking.

The 240 volt, 4500 watt element generates hot water three times faster than the single element.
150° F max. water temperature. 

Duck Wax heater - also works great to heat wax for removal of feathers from waterfowl.

Available in 1 or 2 element units 110 Volt and 220 Volt

Depth - 18", 20" long, 20 Inches wide and 20 inches overall height.

Single Element 110V $195.00 (Plus Shipping)

Dual Element 110V  $220.00 (Plus Shipping)

240V Single Element $270.00 (Plus Shipping)

Ships direct from the manufacturer. Shipping is generally 5-7 business days from date we receive order.

This item is not available for overnight, 2 day or express shipping.

Single element draws 15 amps.

Dual element each line draws 15 amps.

If an extension cord is used, it must be at least 14 gauge if under 10 ft, and 12 gauge if over 10 ft long.


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