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Chicken Lung removers are easier on your fingers as they have slotted teeth that grab and remove the lung material. Lung removers can also be used to scrape the body cavity to remove any of the left over viscera that is difficult to grasp with your fingers. This style has plastic handles for broilers or turkeys. The plastic handle is easier on the hands. We have 2 sizes one for turkey’s and a chicken size.  11 ½" Long 

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7 Reviews

  • Posted by Tanya on 2nd Sep 2015


    Great product!

    This tool is essential for speeding up a slow process. It was a life saver! I would highly recommend this product for people processing poultry.

  • Posted by dee on 23rd May 2015


    Makes the task easy!

    As a first timer at butchering chickens this tool was extremely helpful and well priced Fast shipping

  • Posted by Unknown on 14th Oct 2014


    Great tool

    This tool is a must have if you are doing more than a couple chickens.

  • Posted by Unknown on 27th Jul 2014


    Lung remover works great!

    Bought this for my husband who does the eviscerating. It arrived just in time to help a friend process his chickens and turkeys, and who will be ordering one for himself now that he's tried ours. My husband says this lung remover really makes quick work and is easy to use.

  • Posted by Unknown on 21st Jul 2014


    Great Tool!

    This tool works great! A time saver as well as effort saver! Well made, should last for years.

  • Posted by Unknown on 20th Jan 2014


    Lung Remover

    I just got done using the lung remover this weekend. It worked great, I was able to leave the chickens whole and still remove all the guts, and lungs without using a handmade hook. Worked really well and was a great help.

  • Posted by Al Ringer on 19th Sep 2013


    Poultry Lung Remover

    Item is just as described, works well, and was more reasonably priced than other suppliers.