Eviscerating Line Conveyor System

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Eviscerating Unit
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Eviscerating Line Conveyor System
The conveyor is the same equipment used for our Killing Line Conveyor. We add components to make an eviscerating system. Hardware for ceiling suspension is included. Vari-speed drive allows you to adjust line speed and is also reversible.

  • Water Flushed Trough--Stainless steel ,28" width. 12" deep; EV16 has 10', EV20 has 14'  trough 12" deep.
  • Inside wash nozzle with trigger valve and hose.
  • Splash shields mounts where birds are washed.
  • Stainless steel giblet station, 20" wide, 33" long, 37 1/2" tall.
  • Shackles--EV16 has 32 shackles; EV22 has 44 shackles; spaced at 1' intervals.  
  • Includes shackles

Also available 20 feet long trough 

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