Poultry Man 23" Poultry Plucker

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PM 23" Picker
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Poultry Man 23" Chicken Plucker shown with optional wheels.

Poultry Man Chicken Pickers and Chicken Pluckers are all stainless steel (not cheap plastic) and designed for years of trouble free service. These are the best poultry pluckers for low cost and durability. Poultryman pluckers come in 3 sizes. 23", 27" and 35" (designed for turkeys). No bells and whistles just good old fashioned quality.

These chicken pluckers are the perfect pastured poultry picker and poultry scalding system for small operations. These units will give you years and years of service and increase your output. We offer both chicken pickers and turkey pickers. 

This Plucker only ships via truck freight. Please call our office for a shipping quote. If you would like to place your order now, we will contact you with the shipping cost!

The Best Unit We Have Found For The Small Scale Producer.

These are excellent units for the advanced pastured poultry producer. These units will scald or pick up to 50 pounds of poultry. They are stainless steel bodies with steel legs. Scalders have automatic controls for temperature and timer.

This is absolutely the best unit we have seen for the money. The small plucker sells for under $2000.00  The only limit to the 27” Plucker is the size of the turkeys you process. It will do 1- 25 to 30 pound turkey at a time. The Turkey Plucker will accommodate up to 75 lbs of turkeys or chickens.

We do not recommend 23" chicken pluckers for doing turkeys. There is not enough room for the turkey to tumble inside the drum for a thorough pick.


Chicken Plucker

3/4 hp, 110 V Motor

10:1 Gear Reduction

23" Diameter Drum

Water Spray

All Stainless Steel



Chicken Picker

3/4 hp, 110 V Motor

10:1 Gear Reduction

27" Diameter Drum

Water Spray

All Stainless Steel



Turkey Picker

2 HP motor

15:1 gear reduction

35 inch Diameter

Water Spray

All Stainless Steel



Quail Picker 27” $2695.00

With Manual Door $420.00

We Also Have Them Available Without Motors And Or Gear Boxes

No motor $1320.00

No Motor $2170.00

No motor $3325.00

No motor/gearbox $1190.00

No motor/gearbox $1960.00

No motor/gearbox $2975.00



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