Bell Matic Drinker

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Hanging Poultry Waterer is can be used either in doors or in pasture pens. Simply hook up to a 5 gal plastic bucket and it works on gravity feed.

If using on a pressured supply a pressure regulator must be used to drop pressure to 4-6 PSI

Buy 4 or more and save $5 each


  • Overall Height 17"
  • Height to top of S Hook 18"
  • Overall Width 15"

Features include:

  • Easy disconnect shuts off water flow
  • Step down trough to universally suit any sized fowl
  • Can stand alone for use with small fowl
  • Very accurate water level control
  • Large Ballast increases stabilty and eliminates spillage

Unit includes:

  • Connecting saddle for use on water pipe
  • PVC hose
  • Rope for hanging drinker
  • Hose Fastener
  • Height Regulator
  • Hanging S Hook

Operation Capacity:

  • 90-100 broilers per unit (50 broilers on pasture)
  • 70-80 breeders per unit
  • 40-50 turkeys per unit (25 turkeys on pasture)

Please call for full line of Replacment parts

Extra Information

4 Reviews

  • Posted by James Shiloh on 23rd May 2017



    I'm 3 years young when it comes to chickens and their care. I use the manual, clean and refill waterers, which are pretty bullet proof and can't go wrong.

    I'm stepping out into the broiler world and have 40 broilers coming in less than a week. For simplicity and ease, auto waterers seem the way to go.

    From the reviews, these seemed OK, and not to many problems.

    The package came in a timely manner.

    The instructions on assembly are poor and I had to seek U Tube to figure it out.

    Though my mentor can use these on straight water hose pressure, mine absolutely would not.

    The seals around the values leaked and the plunger used as the value would not push against the pressure.

    I installed an adjustable water pressure valve and things seem better, once the waterer was properly adjusted. This adjustment includes the counter weight in the base, which needs to be balanced, or the waterer would not turn off. I took out the pee gravel I used and put in water, which worked well.

    The entire process has not built confidence in this product, especially when 40 birds lives hang and in the balance and the total investment made thus far.

    Once I have some experience with the product, hopefully I can update with positive results.

  • Posted by Jeremiah Johnson on 1st Aug 2015


    Great idea but weak rings

    I bought this unit and to be honest it works good for my chicken tractor. I found one issue however, the O rings in the spring loaded watering piece of the unit are low quality. I noticed limited flow so I checked the internal screen and it was plugged. Ever since the little red/orange O ring and the black O ring will not stay in place or stop leaking. It is a minor issue for how great the unit works, however I would suggest having extra O rings on hand.

  • Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2015


    seems good, no instructions

    Haven't put it into operation yet. Seems simple enough. Some instructions would help.

    From Cornerstone: Our apologies about the instructions, We try to send out complete instructions with every order.

  • Posted by Unknown on 1st Apr 2014


    great waterer!!

    I just started raising broilers on pasture and love this watering system! I use it from day one in the brooder all the way through to pasture. Great product!!