300 Cup Drinker

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300 Cup Drinker
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300 Poultry Cup Drinker has established itself as the premiere cup style poultry drinker on the market. This unit is easy to clean and will provide multiple seasons of trouble free use. Cup utilizes a lever that the birds peck at to turn water on. Can be attached to a 1/2" PVC pipe for use in pasture pens, brooder, or indoor housing. Does not come with fitting, order fitting separately.
Cup Drinker 300 $2.25 ea.

Fitting for PVC pipe. $1.25

Cage or Wall Mounting Bracket $2.65

(If using on PVC pipe the fitting must be glued to the pipe with PVC cement, NOT INCLUDED)


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32 Reviews

  • Posted by Harold Hoke on 14th Feb 2017


    Clean water for poultry

    Great device for keeping my ducks' drinking water clean and reducing my workload cleaning their water.

  • Posted by Carman on 27th Jan 2017


    Poultry Cup

    Clean water and plenty of it! If the cup is dirty it is an easy clean rather than dumping most of the water to refresh.

  • Posted by kevin on 2nd Aug 2016


    300 cup waterer

    Great cup no leaks.

  • Posted by Bill Reece on 22nd Mar 2016


    chicken water cups

    best thing I have found. Have tried 4 different waters, the three hundred --A would be great . How do I get my girls to start using them??

    Take away all other water sources from birds. Fill cups by pushing on yellow plunger. Chicken will start drinking water, you may have to refill it several times for them to get the hang of it.

  • Posted by Sue on 31st Jan 2016


    Cleaner Water!

    So glad I discovered this product! No more dirty water for the chickens! This is a simple and inexpensive solution for the chicken coop!

  • Posted by Jill on 2nd Nov 2015


    These little guys work great!

    I bought three of these little cups to service my new flock of four girls. On Pinterest, I read an article where someone mounted them in the sides of a five gallon bucket, to create a no mess watering system. Well, it works great! I drilled three holes in the sides of my bucket at differing heights to accommodate smaller chicks as well as grown up girls. I used a 3/8 drill bit, and wrapped some pipe tape around the threaded end of the cups before screwing in by hand. After I filled the bucket, they work awesome! My order was shipped very quickly, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy future chicken products from Cornerstone!

  • Posted by Mo's Mini Farm on 7th Oct 2015


    Best Poultry Watering Solution I've Found So Far

    These cups provide sufficient clean water while preventing leakage that makes messy bedding or muddy areas. We have had no problems introducing chickens to this new watering system, and we really enjoy the very minimal cleaning involved.

  • Posted by Janell on 30th Sep 2015


    Love the concept but ...

    They leak a little so we have to buy some washers and hope that doing so will stop the leak. Love the concept and how they work otherwise.

    These are designed to be mounted in a threaded fitting. Many of our customers use them in different applications but they are designed to be used in the fitting to prevent leaking.

  • Posted by Katie G on 3rd Sep 2015


    Simple magic.

    I really love these so far! I ordered 50, and have pressure reducing valves on the way to set these up on auto water for my broilers and layers. Currently I have them in 5gal pails. Everyone seems to enjoy them! Birds caught on really quickly. I have 192 head on these now and all is well. With nipples, I often saw them BOLTING to the outside water in the morning...not anymore. Excited to get the whole system up and running for the meaties too!