Turbo 7-140 Chicken Plucker

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Turbo 7-140 Plucker
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Turbo 7-140 Poultry and Game Bird Plucker 

We now offer a dry plucking machine for use on all types of fowl. Due to the dry plucking nature this plucker will also work for Kosher certification. Imported from the UK this plucker is widely used both in commercial processing plants as well as small home use. The Turbo 7-140 is the small unit.

Designed for poultry, gamebirds, and smaller domestic fowl or occasional use on Turkeys or larger birds. The Turbo 7-140 Poultry Pluckers powerful airflow and smooth feather tube draw the feathers off the bird providing a fast plucking speed. Unlike traditional chicken pluckers which use rubber fingers to remove the feathers our Turbo 7-140 Poultry Pluckers uses discs to provide the feather removal. This action eliminates the need for pre-scalding the bird in hot water. The pulling action of the disks provide the good quality clean finish. The machine is simple to use. There is no heating up so the machine is immediately ready for use, making it ideal for hunt clubs, shoots, butchers and smaller production needs. Discs do not touch the skin so it is ideal for shot birds.

  • Main construction is painted cast aluminum and stainless steel.
  • The Turbo 7-140 Poultry and Game Bird Plucker is available as a bench model machine or with an optional stand.
  • Discs are of a common design and are interchangeable with many other machines.
  • Supplied with feather collection sack.
  • Comes standard with a ¾ HP, 220 V single phase motor.

Typical plucking times are as follows:

  • Pidgeon = 30 seconds
  • Pheasant & Partridge = 60 seconds
  • Duck = 1.5 minutes
  • Chicken = 3.5 minutes
  • Geese = 8-10 minutes
  • Turkey = 5-8 minutes according to size.



Floor Stand add $200.00

. Click below for video.  video shows an older version of the larger 11/180 model in action.

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