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Stun Knife
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CF 2000 Poultry Stun Knife is so simple and safe to operate that even a beginner can use it efficiently in just a few minutes. Knife weighs just 8 ozs. One of the four available settings will stun nearly any bird, but when the operator removes his thumb the knife is absolutely dead. A specially designed tranformer with ground shielded windings provides full protection at all times.

The CF2000 is an electric stun knife used to dispatch poultry and small animals.

  • Calms birds or small animals of all sizes for easy handling.
  • Speeds heart rate for bleeding.
  • Cuts bleeding time.
  • Less blood splatter.
  • Helps eliminate down-graded birds

Each unit comes complete with large metal control cabinet, heavy-duty power and knife cords, a safety knife assembly, and complete instructions. Installation is quite simple. All you need is a source of 110 v,  power and a metal grounded support (such as a shackle) from which to hang the bird. The Stun Knife reduces handling labor and permits stacking the birds in the a killing cabinet or tunnel. It is required for any system that is to be run at full capacity, recommended whenever turkeys are to be processed, and will prove to be very helpful in any plant. Necessary for farm to be Animal Welfare Approved
Variable Settings, Insulated Glove, 110v/60hz  Also available as 220V 60HZ


The CF2000 and Knife are guaranteed for a period of 90 days from date of purchase. Should either the cabinet or knife prove to be defective, it must be returned to the factory postpaid for repair or replacement.  It will be returned to you promptly.  This guarantee cannot cover parts that have been tampered with, or abused, in or out of operation.  Should this happen, you will be charged a minimum charge to put the unit back into factory condition.


Item is occasionally on back order due to very high demand. could take up to two weeks for delivery. If you need this sooner please call our office.





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