Pickwick SPJ3 Picker

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Pickwick Poultry Pluckers are world renown for their top quality poultry processing equipment. Pickwick has many years of experience in the poultry processing field. Pickwick maintains a unparalleled  commitment to manufacturing excellence that increases productivity for the small poultry processing operator. their design improves and reduces labor costs. The Pickwick Knase SPJ3 Poultry Plucker will pick up to 5 chickens, (or equivalent in pheasants, ducks, geese, or turkeys) pin-free in seconds. Its 181 "Velvet-Touch" commercial poultry plucker fingers and the flat-disk centrifugal tumbling design create an intense but gentle chicken plucking action.

Direct Drive motor means there are no slipping belts; a heavy-duty gear reduction drive is coupled to a 1 HP (110/220v, single phase, 60 HZ) totally-enclosed fan-cooled motor. Both Pickwick Chicken Plucker models come standard with an unloading door. The automatic door and water startup controls make for very simple operation. 96" W x 35" D x 46" H Also available with loading and unloading tables.

If you need a large capacity chicken plucker for turkeys or suckling pigs then look no farther. The Pickwick TP2 Turkey Plucker is the largest capacity batch plucker available. The Pickwick TP2 will handle up to 100 pounds!  The TP2 looks identical to the SPJ3 but has a 36 inch drum and a 2 HP 220V motor. The Pickwick TP2 Turkey Plucker will handle 15 broilers, or up to 2-3 tom turkeys, or 2-3 suckling pigs. As with the SPJ3 the TP2 has an automatic unloading door and automatic controls to control the water and timers. $13,300.00 plus freight

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