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The New, "Old" Egomatic Egg Grader is once again available. This table top unit will grade up to 2160 eggs per hour. Comes with candling runway and capable of grading 5 different weight grades. This is not a cheaply made unit, same efficient and accurate performance as larger models. Rugged reinforced all steel construction that measures

Precision Built and Designed Especially for the Smaller Flock Owners

Same efficient and accurate performance as larger models!

  1. Jewel-polished pivots & scale bearings
  2. Efficient ratio motor with Oilite bushing & bearing
  3. Ample tray capacity for 5 weight grades
  4. Power-Ray Candling Runway for greater light penetration
  5. Rugged, reinforced all-steel construction
  6. Convenient size and weight for any table-top installation
  7. 2160 eggs per hour.

Note These Exclusive Egomatic Grader Advantages

Delivery Control - Protects thinnest shell egg from any possible fracture by reducing the scale movement from the original 1 1/2" to 1/2" only for the most gentle transfer of the egg from scale to tray.

Scale Lock Equalizer - Independently located on each scale lock eliminates inaccuracies caused by temperature change. Factory set, they never need adjusting.

Egomatic Egg Grader Table Model.  Dimension: 50" L, 32" W & 8" H. 110V 60HZ  Ship Wt. 100 lbs.   

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