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Sausage Seasoning
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Sausage Seasonings Variety Pack, Cures, Spices, Rubs. Custom blended sausage seasoning variety pack includes Breakfast flavor as well as Hot Breakfast, Sweet Italian and Hot Italian mixes. Enough to do 20 pounds of meat. All mixes are gluten free.

These mixes can be used with all kinds of domestic and wild meats.

This is a great starter kit with 4 different seasonings to try before buying our larger packages.

Breakfast: Great breakfast sausage or dinner sausage, mild flavor is a good all-around blend.
Hot Breakfast: Starts with our the same terrific flavor as our breakfast blend, and add a higher level of pepper for just a little tang.
Sweet Italian: The right proportions of pepper, fennel and sugar to produce a delicious Sweet Italian sausage. No MSG
Hot Italian: For extra zing we add crushed red pepper to give you our Hot Italian sausage mix. No MSG



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