BIRO BCC 100 Poultry Cut Up Saw

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BCC 100
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BIRO® MODEL BCC-100 Cut up chicken, turkey, duck, fish, and rabbit all day with the Biro BCC-100 Poultry Cutter. The special 9” cutting blade lets you cut pieces accurately while providing minimal tearing of the skin
Also available in 220V 50 HZ



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1 Reviews

  • Posted by Ben Grimes on 14th Dec 2018



    I used to employ a team of 10 people to cut up 200 chickens over the course of a day. We did this four times/year and the labor cost was sky high! With this tool we have dropped that need down to just 4 people in less time. If you are cutting up a large number of chickens then this is the tool for you!