Ashley SP23 Picker

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Since 1940 Ashley has been supplying performance proven equipment to the poultry processing industry worldwide.

Ashley quality material, construction, features, and versatility have made Ashley a leading name in dressing equipment for large and small processors.

Ashley Sure-Scald is the most widely used off the-line scalder on the market. It is designed for compact areas, yet is high in production performance and is readily adaptable to line equipment.

Ashley Sure-Pick will pick to perfection upland game birds, fryers, fowl and turkeys. Its reliability and compact design have made it one of the most popular pickers used where economy and limited space are factors.

Ashley Manual Pickers are constructed of heavy gauge steel and aluminum. These economy leaders have been used by processors worldwide for over sixty years.

Our Ashley pickers have one superior design advantage--a conical-shaped centrifuge. The cone shape permits birds to freely rotate for a clean pick. By contrast, flat centrifuges result in birds piling up in the center. The result is a poor pick, having to run the picker longer (at risk to skin breakage) or having to hand pick birds. All centrifuges are made of heavy duty aluminum. Regardless of which model you choose.

Proven Performer Worldwide for Over 40 Years

The Feather Exhaust, a feature developed by Ashley, helps the processor with feather handling problems. The Automatic Unloading Door is self-closing. The door latch is operated by the start button, which simultaneously starts the timer and opens the automatic water valve. The work shelf, feather exhaust, and automatic door are standard features: however adjustable legs and catch table are optional features for the SP-30 and SP-38 pickers.

Ashley manufactures several models of poultry pickers and scalder's as well as evisceration tables and evisceration lines. Please contact us for a complete catalog.

These reliable Ashley Sure-Picks are un-excelled in quality and service. They are available in three sizes: Model SP-23, SP-30 and SP-38. They will pick to perfection, fryers, fowl, game birds and Turkeys. Ashley Machine Company has been manufacturing quality poultry dressing equipment for over 40 years, and feels that the Sure-Pick is one of the leaders of their complete line of dressing equipment.

Ashley SP23 Designed for Quail, But Works Excellent on Broilers. This picker is a nice economy unit for any requirement-broilers, pigeons, or pheasant.
Excellent unit for the pastured poultry operation. Compared to other pickers, the fingers are more densely placed on the centrifuge and cylinder.
The SP23 was not designed for continual use for turkeys, however the quality of the unit is rugged enough to do 1-2 small hen turkeys or a tom up to 24 lbs.
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Features (all standard)  

  • Feather exhaust 
  • Work shelf 
  • 0-5 minute manual timer 
  • Aluminum centrifuge, galvanized steel frame 
  • Shipped fully assembled and ready to use.
  • 23 inch drum
  • 24 lb capacity
Birds Per Hour Birds Per Batch

100 Broilers
100 Pheasants
700 Quail
100 Ducks

4-6 Broilers
20-25 Quail
2-4 Fowl 

Manufactured by Ashley, Please allow 4-6 weeks for manufacturing.

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