Ashley SP 38

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Ashley SP38 chicken plucker is setting itself up to be the industry standard. This latest model Sure-Pick is an all-purpose picker for all types of poultry, from fryers to turkeys. With the automatic, self-closing unloading door, the automatic timer and water valve, convenient loading height, you will find this picker readily adaptable to your picking room. Height to top of cylinder is 42”. Height can be adjusted upward, to any desired height.

The Feather Exhaust is a feature developed by Ashley, which helps with feather handling problems. Feathers can be exhausted from under the picker, either to the front, back or the end opposite the control cabinet.

The Automatic Unloading Door is self-closing. The door latch is operated by the start button, which simultaneously starts the timer and opens the automatic water valve. Unloading door can be mounted in the cylinder in location desired by processor. Drum rotation can be clockwise or counterclockwise

“Water Saver” automatic water control valve. Equipped with motor overload protection. Hot-dipped galvanized heavy steel frame. Waterproof start and stop buttons.

Drum: Special design, cone shape spun aluminum. We recommend the work shelf; feather exhaust and automatic unloading door for most efficient operation- however these are optional.


Motor: 2 HP-220 Volt- 60 HZ 1 Phase or 3 phase
Dimensions: 35” long, 54” wide, 43” high
Cylinder diameter: 30”
Capacity: Approximately 40 lbs.
Timer: Automatic Reset with 0-60 seconds range

SP38 $9530.00
SSP-38 (stainless) $14575.00

Allow 4-6 weeks for manufacture 

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