Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

Published by Jim McLaughlin on 28th Mar 2019

In our goal of providing the best poultry processing products to pastured poultry farmers across the US we have teamed up with Gaun Manufacturing to offer a line of feeders, waterers and other livestock equipment to our customers.

One of our goals since we started back in 2000 was to offer processors and producers equipment and supplies at a fair price. We also wanted to offer something no one else was providing to farmers, small quantities of supplies instead of having to buy full case lots.

In order to do that we had to buy the supplies in large quantities and then split the cases to single quantities. We started that with poultry shrink bags back in 2003 and we still sell our customers one bag at a time if that is what you need.

We believe we are still the only company in the world that will sell you one shrink bag or one bag sealing clip! Whenever we begin to think that it is a pain to do so we go back to our roots and remember the problem we had as processors having to buy a case of something that we only needed a dozen of and we make the commitment once again to sell only what the customer needs.

That is our foundation, that will be our foundation!

Our commitment to providing single items is continuing with our new line of products. You can buy a single hole nest box or a single feeder but we will also give you discounts if you need several of them.

Our commitment is to the small farmer/producer not just an after-hours way to make a few extra bucks. More people seem to be selling shrink bags that started buying them from us and now do it after their real job and don't have the expertise or experience to answer your questions. We are here during regular business hours to answer your questions and provide you with advice for pretty much every aspect of poultry production and processing.

It may mean our prices are a little higher but try to get a call back from some of the other sellers, we have a knowledgeable staff that actually use the products we sell and can give to assistance that will increase your bottom line.