What Ever Happened To Farmers?

What Ever Happened To Farmers?

Published by Jim McLaughlin on 3rd Oct 2016

What Ever Happened To Farmers?

So what has happened to farmers? In our politically correct world it seems farmers have been reduced to producers. While watching a recent TV program on an agricultural channel I noticed one of our largest tractor producing companies speaking of farmers as producers. Just what is a producer? A person who turned wood on a wood lathe is a producer, a person who makes jewelry is a producer, and an individual who makes steel tables in a factory is a producer.

So somehow, have we, in our striving to not in any way insult people demoted our farmers to simply producers. I've worked with farmers for over 40 years and they are indeed some of the best people on earth. The farmers I've worked with are very proud that they are farmers and in fact tend to get a little bit of an attitude when referred to as “producers”.

It's kind of like humans being referred to as animals, it's an insult. We didn't come from monkeys, we were created as human beings, and so that makes us separate in a number of different ways. An animal eats strictly to survive it can't decide whether or not it wants to go on a diet and not eat for some reason. When food is present animals will eat it. Humans on the other hand can choose whether they want to eat or not for they also can reason and know whether there's going to be another meal are not.

Farmers choose to be farmers; they choose an occupation that is totally different from any other occupation on the planet. They are proud to do what they do and are proud to be called farmers.

I have been guilty in the past of reducing farmers to producers and to all my farmer friends I apologize for that. I really didn't realize until I saw that TV program just how dehumanizing the term producer is. So what do you say? let's start calling farmers, farmers again. Why don't we as individuals go against the tide and stop being “politically correct” and start using terminology that describes who someone is?

Have a great day and keep looking up!