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Posted by Jim McLaughlin on

After 17 years in the same town, Cornerstone Farm Ventures is moving! Surprisingly we are moving to the heart of the commercial broiler industry. We will not change but maybe we can win a few converts!

We founded Cornerstone Farm Ventures in 2000 to provide equipment, supplies, and advice to a new, very small, segment of the farming community, pastured poultry production.

Thanks to our fantastic customers, our business has grown pretty much every year since. Peg and I lived in NY State most of our lives and thought we would live there until we died. However, those who live in the north know that the winters can be long and COLD. When we were younger we enjoyed outdoor winter sports, snowmobiles, skiing, ice skating, sledding and more. As we got older, the long winters and cold started to play on our minds and bodies!

In June of 2016, we were able to sell our 150-acre farm and move to North Carolina. A lot has happened over the last year and a half and we are very grateful to how God has directed us, and seen us through some tough experiences.

We had plans to sell our business to Tom our general manager who did a fantastic job while we made the move and got through a few other bumps in the road. Unfortunately, the sale did not go through and we have decided to move the business to North Carolina.

During the month of December, we will pack up our warehouse and office and move it to Wilkesboro NC and will be all set to serve our customers in the beginning of January.

Surprisingly Wilkesboro is the home to one of the largest poultry slaughterhouses east of the Mississippi. Although we do supply the "Big" boys with some products, our focus has and always will be the small farmer. We founded Cornerstone Farm Ventures on that principle and we will maintain it to the grave!

Due to the slow nature of our business as well as the fact that most of our customers raise their poultry on pasture we're pretty slow from December until March or April which will give us time to settle in and prepare for the 2018 growing season.

We will keep y'all posted as to phone numbers and address as we have them.

Tentatively we will close the NY office/warehouse Dec 6 and plan to reopen Dec 18, 2017 in our new location.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause some of you.

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