Poultry Shrink Bags

Poultry Shrink Bags

Published by Jim McLaughlin on 1st Mar 2019

Poultry Shrink Bags

We have talked about raising pastured poultry, processing the poultry and now I would like to talk about packaging your finished poultry products.

Chicken in Shrink Bag  Freezer Burn Chicken Freezer Burn Chicken Breast

You have raised one of the freshest, best tasting products for your customer and they will take it home and probably put it in the freezer. The problem that arises is freezer burn. Freezer burn is a condition that occurs when frozen food has been damaged by dehydration and oxidation, due to air reaching the food. Non-airtight packaging generally induces it. While freezer burn is not a food safety risk, it appears as grayish-brown leathery spots on frozen food and is unsightly.

One way to inhibit freezer burn is through the use of Poultry Shrink Bags. Poultry shrink bags are a shrinkable plastic that when placed in hot water shrinks up to 35% of their original size. The bag shrinks forming a tight seal around the skin of the bird greatly reducing the potential for freezer burn. Most of you have seen poultry shrink bags if you have purchased a frozen turkey form the supermarket. It is that tight fitting plastic bag that you have to cut off before you cook the bird.

Poultry shrink bags greatly increase the freezer life of poultry. Once when cleaning our chest freezer we found a chicken at the bottom of the freezer that had been there for one and a half years. We fully expected it to be all freezer burned and was very surprised to find that there was virtually no freezer burn on the bird at all. That bird was from the first batch of birds that we had packaged in poultry shrink bags. Needless to say, that made a believer out of us.

To use poultry shrink bags all you have to do is place the packaged bird into 190°F water for 1-2 seconds and it is finished. It is literally that easy. Some folks complain that it will take too long, however you have to put the bird into a poultry bag anyway and seal it. The only extra step is to dip it into the hot water.

In addition to longer freezer life, the product presentation is so much better than a regular bag. Your customers are paying top dollar for your product shouldn't you give them a top quality package?

We carry many different sizes of poultry shrink bags from bags for parts up to shrink bags for turkeys. Stop by our website or call to order. www.cornerstone-farm.com 336.818.2682.

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