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The following is from The Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network

PSMPC Mobile Slaughter Unit Up for Lease

In other mobile slaughter unit news, the Puget Sound Meat Producers Cooperative (PSMPC) will not renew their lease on the USDA-inspected MSU owned by the Pierce Conservation District. The PSMPC has leased the unit for several years now, operating a slaughter-only business. This has been difficult financially for the co-op as noted in their announcement letter there are challenges operating the trailer as a stand-alone business. This is a low margin business, and perhaps, the usefulness of the cooperative overseen by volunteers has passed.

PSMPC's experience rings true for many meat processors: it is very difficult to make it on slaughter alone. We know of few slaughter-only establishments most rely on cut and wrap revenue to ensure a break-even business. The Pierce Conservation District plans to offer the trailer for lease to other interested parties.

It has been our experience that most operators that begin with a MPU often time end up with a brick and mortar facility. Building expense and the flexibility of a building are often more cost effective than a mobile unit. 

Mobile Slaughter Unit  For Sale: 1998 Freightliner tractor truck with re-purposed 1994 Great Dane reefer semi-trailer with reinforced roof and dropped floor. The mobile unit is fully equipped with saw, hide puller and cradle, shackle chains, carcass hooks and generator. The unit has one room for slaughter and a refrigerated storage area, with space for an inspector office. When working in full capacity, the unit can store roughly 12-15 cattle carcasses and 20-30 hogs. The unit has been USDA certified and was in operation at a cattle ranch in Kansas. Up until October 2015, the unit was in operation, processing buffalo in Nebraska. The unit is now in Oregon and is available for sale. All reasonable offers will be considered. For more information, please contact Kendra Kimbirauskas at the Socially Responsible Agricultural Project at or (503) 997-7438.

Also from NPAM:

Poultry Processing Facility for Lease: Scio, OR. The plant is 1650 square feet, with loading dock, and consists of refrigerated storage, kill room with scalder, drum plucker, wax tank (for water fowl), an evisceration room with shackle line, ice maker, chill totes, storage totes, two vacuum packaging machines, parting table, tipper tie vacuum machine for large birds, poultry transportation crates, controlled atmosphere stunning box, and 10,000 gallons of water storage. The plant has a large parking area. The lease would include the current business customer list & contact information.

The lease holder/operator would need to pay for electricity, maintenance and repair of equipment, the plant interior, and the wash water system to the storage tank; partial maintenance and repair costs for the well; and maintain the office and lunchroom.

The owners will continue to provide maintenance and repair for the exterior of buildings, the freezer, and the wash water irrigation system, and will share the cost of well maintenance /repair.

The lease terms are $1,200/mo. for a 24 month lease, with 3 months rent at signing.

If interested, contact Joe Schueller:

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