Mission: to exceed customer expectations for value...

Mission: to exceed customer expectations for value...

Published by Jim McLaughlin on 8th Jun 2019

Mission: to exceed customer expectations for value, products and service; to treat others the way we want to be treated.

It is our sincere hope that over the last 19 years we have met our mission. This summer we will be closing down our operation and moving on to other areas.

We would like to thank our wonderful customers for their support over the years.

Today there are many more opportunities to purchase the items we once were the sole supplier for, this has made us reconsider the rush and time required to stay up to date with modern technology. Twenty years ago SEO was not an issue, google was in its infancy, and more people called in orders on the telephone than ordered on line. Today with social media, B2B, B2C, AI, AdWords and much more we have decided to close our doors.

We will be selling off all our current inventory over the next several months.

Unfortunately we do not have any recommendations to purchase the items we sold. We were in this full time supporting families that worked for us. Others who sell shrink bags do it part time or as a 4H project that does little to support the local economy or employ people. Mega companies such as Amazon and Walmart now sell the items we once specialized in. They have the finances to drive customers to their stores while we work to keep prices affordable.

People will buy cheap imported goods from Amazon and call us for information on how to use it. They will buy cheap machinery from China that falls apart and call us to get repair parts, while they sell their “home grown” chickens for 3 times what they are worth. Call Amazon or Walmart and ask advice and see how far you get. It is sad when I see a post that says "buy from this person it’s a 4H project", call them and see if you get a live person on the phone that will answer your questions.

When my wife and I were farming we were frustrated when we had to by a case of something when we only need a few items. When we started our online business we felt it was important to sell you just what you needed and not make you take a case, or 50, or any number. We have literally have sold 1 bag to a person or 5 plastic bags and we shipped them in a 1st class envelope and never had ridiculous shipping and handling fees. We charged what it cost us to ship.

So, enough of my frustration, I didn’t mean to get off on this rant but these are reasons why we will be closing our doors. No regrets, no apologies, we ran the race and we feel we have finished well.


Jim McLaughlin


Cornerstone Farm Ventures, Inc.