How to Use Shrink Bags

How to Use Shrink Bags

Published by Jim McLaughlin on 13th May 2019

Make a drain rack out of PVC pipe that will hold 8-10 birds. Drain birds from chill tank.

With the birds sitting on the rack with their “head” up, slide a bag down over the chicken. Take one bird off the rack, turn it upside down and push it all the way in to the bag. Squeeze the legs together and gather the bag tightly around the legs. Then spin it to form a “pigtail” out of the excess bag material. Staple the bag. The stapler should go AROUND the pigtail and not through it. Then either pierce the bag at the breast area, (over the breast bone) or pierce the bag at the base of the clipped end of the bag by the legs to let the air out. Place (dip) into 170-200° F hot water. Swirl the bag around in the water or use a pair of tongs to hold the bird down (it may want to float). (It is not necessary to use the basket shown in the picture above.) There should be a rush of air and bubbles so be careful not to get burned. The shrinking is done in an instant, pull the bagged bird out of the water. When all done weigh the bird and put a sticky label right over where the bag was pierced at the breast. If you’re going to put a label on the package do it now after wiping off excess water then place it in an iced cooler. No need to close the hole if you pierced it at the feet end.

If you have a bubble of air inside the bag the bag was not pierced sufficiently to let all the air out of the bag.

Only dip bag as long as it takes to shrink 1-2 seconds do not wait until air bubbles stop as water will enter back into the bag.

Do NOT place the bird back into ice water. Water will leak back into bag, labels will not stay on in water.

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