Published by Jim McLaughlin on 29th Sep 2016

Is there a correct way to package eggs? Some would ask what difference does it make. I believe it makes a big difference. We want to provide the best possible products to our customers so why not take the extra steps necessary to do so.

The eggshell is deposited around the egg in the lower part of the oviduct of the hen, just before it is laid. During formation, the egg moves through the oviduct small end first and just before it is laid it rotates and comes out large end first.

There is an air cell in the large end of the egg, which if the egg were fertile and was to be used to incubate a chick, is important for the chicks development. If the egg is placed large end down in the carton it will force the white or albumen to have to move because air will always rise. This movement of the albumen can loosen the yoke and white causing, I believe, a less structured egg.

An egg placed on its small end allows the air sac to stay at the top of the shell which allows the white to settle into the curved bottom cradling it a more natural manner and allowing the yokes to stay intact helping it when it is cracked.

In addition there is less moisture displacement from the egg when stored large end up. This helps to keep the egg fresher.

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