Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior

Published by Jim McLaughlin on 3rd Oct 2016

Animal Behavior

I usually post about poultry products but many of our customers raise other livestock in addition to pastured poultry. In fact it’s been said if you’re going to raise pastured poultry you might as well raise cattle as well. The reason for this is because species complement one another so well. Doesn’t that make sense? In Creation God knew what He was doing having one animal follow another eating what the previous animal didn’t/wouldn’t eat. In addition each animal adds nutrients to the soil that will then fertilize the next growth. WOW!

Anyway that’s not what this blog is about, this one is about a tremendous book written by a tremendous woman, Dr. Temple Grandin.

Have you ever had to move animals and were convinced that you should try another profession? I would like to recommend an excellent book written by one of the top animal behavior specialists in the world.

Humane Livestock Handling by Dr. Temple Grandin is a must have book for your library. Dr. Grandin has a unique perspective on animal behavior that has allowed her to improves the flow of livestock through handling facilities throughout the world.

Even a small farm can benefit from the principles concerning animal behavior she promotes. I have been handling livestock for close to 30 years and the principles of cattle handling taught by Grandin have made my life much easier.

We don’t sell Dr. Grandin’s latest edition book “Humane Livestock Handling”, we just wanted to pass this information along to you!

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