• Eggstravaganza

    29th Sep 2016


    Is there a correct way to package eggs? Some would ask what difference does it make. I believe it makes a big difference. We want to provide the best possible products to our customers so why not t…

    Published by Jim McLaughlin

  • Fish Meal in Pastured Poultry Feed

    29th Sep 2016

    Fish Meal in Pastured Poultry Feed

    The following has been copied from "The Organic Broadcaster" and The Ferrell Company NewsletterOrganic BroadcasterResearch shows fishmeal improves poultry performanceBy Jody Padgham, MOSESRecently com…

    Published by Jim McLaughlin

  • MPU Information

    25th Feb 2016

    MPU Information

    The following is from The Niche Meat Processor Assistance NetworkPSMPC Mobile Slaughter Unit Up for Lease In other mobile slaughter unit news, the Puget Sound Meat Producers Cooperative (PSMPC) wi…

    Published by Jim McLaughlin

  • How To Cull Your Small Poultry Flock

    1st Jul 2014

    How To Cull Your Small Poultry Flock

    The following is from the Mississippi State University Extension Service.Small Flock Management of Poultry - Culling HensCulling hens refers to the identification and removal of the non-laying…

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  • To Shackle or Not To Shackle

    13th Feb 2014

    To Shackle or Not To Shackle

    One of my concerns that could lead to the demise of the pastured poultry business would come from the lack of cleanliness of the birds that we process on farm. One of the reasons that we produce our…

    Published by Jim McLaughlin