• Why We Do What We Do

    28th Mar 2019

    Why We Do What We Do

    In our goal of providing the best poultry processing products to pastured poultry farmers across the US we have teamed up with Gaun Manufacturing to offer a line of feeders, waterers and other lives…

    Published by Jim McLaughlin

  • Poultry Shrink Bags

    1st Mar 2019

    Poultry Shrink Bags

    Poultry Shrink BagsWe have talked about raising pastured poultry, processing the poultry and now I would like to talk about packaging your finished poultry products.Chicken in Shrink Bag  Freez…

    Published by Jim McLaughlin

  • Poultry Processing Equipment

    30th Oct 2017

    Poultry Processing Equipment

    Poultry Processing Equipment.Here at Cornerstone Farm Ventures, We strive to help you choose the right equipment for your Processing application. Not only does this help you and us, but it helps the…

    Published by Tom Donahue

  • Animal Behavior

    3rd Oct 2016

    Animal Behavior

    Animal BehaviorI usually post about poultry products but many of our customers raise other livestock in addition to pastured poultry. In fact it’s been said if you’re going to raise pastured poultry…

    Published by Jim McLaughlin

  • What Ever Happened To Farmers?

    3rd Oct 2016

    What Ever Happened To Farmers?

    What Ever Happened To Farmers?So what has happened to farmers? In our politically correct world it seems farmers have been reduced to producers. While watching a recent TV program on an agricultural…

    Published by Jim McLaughlin