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22052 Nipple
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Plasson provides a wide range of nipple drinker systems for broilers which allow you to choose the nipple and flow rate tailored to your poultry needs. The overall quality, reliability and superior service guarantees you optimum performance for best results.

Easy side-action-from day one to maturity. The Plasson nipple provides the maximum amount of water at the slightest touch. The nipple responds at any angle. Even day old chicks, at the most critical stage of growth, can easily activate the nipple.

Orange, Yellow, Nipple 10-12 birds per nipple
Grey Nipple 12-14 birds per nipple

1 Reviews

  • Posted by matthew on 11th Sep 2014



    Mounted (vertically) 4 yellow and 2 grey inline on clear 5/16" tubing gravity fed from a 5 gal bucket elevated about 1" above horizontal tubing run. 50% leak, the others work as advertised. Good luck. From Cornerstone: As Matthew pointed out the biggest problem with the nipples drinkers is they leak. We recommend either the cup drinker or a bell waterer.