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Leg Bands
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White Poultry Leg Bands. Used to mark chickens for easy identification. Narrow plastic band without any number. Used for sight identification by color only.
Made of high quality, round, colored plastic rod; resilient, springy, non brittle - with full lap. Will stay on better than ordinary light weight bands, stand up under long and continuous usage and will not fade. Sold by the piece, 1 size for most egg layers.

1 Reviews

  • Posted by Michael on 20th Jan 2017


    Red and Blue bands not the same size

    We had gotten both red and blue bands to keep track of different aged layers that were all in together, but ended up needing to use both bands on the same group of birds, since we ended up with more than we had planned on. We put the bands on when we got the pullets, at 16 weeks. The blue bands started coming off the birds the first day, and within a month about half the birds had lost the bands. The red bands mostly stayed on; right now they've been on for a year and 90-95% of the birds still have them on.