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Pinning knife used to remove pin feathers from chickens, turkeys, ducks and all fowl. Large handle fits big hands. New design has larger handle then our extremely poplar 11073 Pinning knife. 3" blade.

Click on video below for a quick view of how this works.

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3 Reviews

  • Posted by Ben Grimes on 14th Dec 2018


    Great little knife

    I ordered one to try out and like it so much I'm coming back to order 3 more! These are great for processing ducks where you can slide the blade under the pin feather, pinch with your thumb and pry out the feathers.

  • Posted by Unknown on 8th Oct 2018


    Not very effective

    Does not work great in scraping off pin feathers.

    From Cornerstone: it is not designed to scrape off the feathers.
    it is designed to put the feather quill between the thumb and the blade of the knife. The blade grips the quill and allows it to pull out of the skin.
    Please see our video

  • Posted by Mat on 1st Sep 2017


    Worth it

    I had this in my wishlist for a few months and I kept putting off buying it because if it didn't work I wouldn't have a use for it otherwise. But I finally broke down and got it and I am pleasantly surprised. No more aching fingers. There is a learning curve that I still haven't mastered but all in all it saves time. A cool feature that I found is that you can shave the feathers off the bird. I bought the large handle version and it fits nicely in my hand. The smaller handled version may have even been better to squeeze out the pins because the bulge at the end of the large handle seems to impede some hand movement and it gets a little difficult to hold on to when it gets oily but that is no big deal compared to the time it saves. Like I say I'm still in the learning phase. I will probably buy the smaller handled version also to see how that works.