Knife Killing 3"

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Short 3" Blade and blunt point make this a good knife for killing poultry.  Orange handle insures no mixing with eviscerating knife. Jim's pick for best killing knife. Manufactured by Dexter Russell Americas oldest knife maker.

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3 Reviews

  • Posted by Randy on 28th Jul 2018


    Works great!

    I am able to make a good quick cut with this killing knife. Stayed sharp all day. The orange handle is nice to keep separate from other knives and easy to locate if it falls in the grass on butchering day.

  • Posted by Fred on 22nd Dec 2015


    Great knife!

    You are right. It is great for bleeding chickens and it is easy to grip and so brightly colored you can't misplace it.

  • Posted by Sally on 11th Nov 2014


    Best Single-Purpose Knife I've Used

    About 100 birds into our backyard operation, we decided it would be not only easier to have a knife dedicated for killing, it would be much cleaner. This is a great knife; it feels good in your hand, the cuts were clean and sure, and the outcome is a more humane and swift dispatching of the animals. Frankly made me feel more confident to have a specific tool for the task, which in turn improved my technique (again, the goal is to be quick and humane). This knife is a quality product and a great value for the money.