Heritage Chef Knife Box Elder Burl Handle

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Heritage Collection Special Edition Chef Knife

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Adam Simha in cooperation with Dexter Russell, Americas oldest knife manufacturer, has designed a series of knives the embody the evolution of the American spirit. The result is a knife made of the finest cutlery materials with an edge and blade that makes working with a knife an absolute pleasure.

Each knife has the craftsman’s initials on the back of the blade assuring each knife meets his highest quality standards. The Heritage Collection is a knife that you will truly enjoy using.

Available in three different handles, Bubinga, Maple Burl, and Box Elder Burl.

Box Elder is a grayish/yellowish brown, frequently with red or pink streaks.

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“A great knife can change your life,” says Adam Simha, for whom that is an understatement. He has put great knives in the hands of great chefs and found his true passion along the way. The one-time drummer, MIT physics major, restaurant kitchen worker, baker, and furniture maker took a course in welding at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston and immediately had “an overwhelming sense of rightness and belonging.” That was in the mid 1990s when, working with his teacher JD Smith, he learned blade smithing, a skill he has been perfecting ever since.

In his tiny workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a knife begins to take shape in the form of a profile of the blade and handle sketched on graph paper. That begets a wooden prototype, which he uses to test the feel of the knife in the hand. (For his custom knives, he might make a template of the user’s hand, or measure it against his own to guide him as he forms the instrument.)

“The speed of the knife [i.e. the flexibility of the blade] is subjective,” he says. "Getting the balance can vary from person to person.” And so observing the user is often helpful to finding the right mix. “Each chef gets to the end result differently. Their philosophy, body, and training play into it.”

But Simha knows most home cooks are looking for an off-the-rack model so, in line with one of his egalitarian goals — to put more American-made knives into the American market — he worked with knife manufacturer Dexter-Russell in Southbridge, Massachusetts, to create its Heritage line of chef’s knives. With handsome maple or box elder burl or bubinga handles, they retail for $250 each.