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Duck Wax

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Duck Wax
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Duck Wax

This wax is used for removing pin feathers off of waterfowl (ducks / geese). First dry pluck as many feathers as possible. Then dip the bird in a pot of melted Duck Wax. After the wax coat hardens, peel off the wax, down, and remaining pinfeathers in one smooth strip. Now the bird is ready to go!

To begin the process, first dry pluck as many feathers as possible.  Next, heat up a container of water until the temperature reads about 160°F, which is the optimal application temperature for our wax, which melts at 145°F.  If the water is boiling it is too hot and will not allow for a nice and even coating of wax.  

A good ratio of wax to water is 25% wax & 75% water.  While the water is heating up, you can break up the block of  Duck Wax and put into a pot.  Allow for the wax to melt and surface to the top.  Dip the bird in the wax for a few seconds.  Allow for the wax to harden, after which you can peel off the wax, down, and remaining pinfeathers in nice, smooth strips.  

If you find that the wax coating on the bird is too thin, you may be dipping at too high of temperatures.  Simply cool down the wax & water mixture and your results will improve.  If your coating is too thick, you need to increase the temperature of the wax & water mixture.     

As an added suggestion one of our customers sent in the following. Scald the bird until the wing feathers come loose. Then dip the bird in the wax 3 times dipping in cold water each time. After the last time leave the bird in the cold water until the wax is cold all the way to the skin. They state that a problem they had was not letting the wax cool thoroughly before removing the wax.

A electric digital controlled turkey fryers seem to do a really good job of controlling the temp and heating enough wax. Two kettles will keep up with about 2 ducks a minute. It looks like the secret is in temperature control of the wax, keeping water out of the wax, putting enough coats of wax on the duck to make it thick enough, letting the wax cool properly before pulling it, and removing the wax with pressure towards the duck rather than just pulling the wax off so you are using the wax to help grab the feather rather than just relying on the wax. I set the thermostat on 200-225 degree (use this method if you are using straight wax and no water/wax mix). I dunk the ducks in the wax for about five seconds, then dunk them in a tub with constant running cold water, then re-dunk them in the wax for another five seconds then leave them in the tub of cold water until we are ready to remove the wax. I reuse the wax by straining off the big feathers off the top and running the remainder through cheese cloth. (Be really careful with hot wax!!!!!!!!)

The real trick is catching the ducks at the right stage. Telling whether they have bad pin feathers is possible while they are still alive. Then they have to be scalded and plucked correctly. I'm a firm believer that more agitation in the scalder with very precise digital temp control and time does more good than just about anything including all the scald agents in the world.

Comes in 11 pound blocks. Price per pound is $2.50 per pound or $27.50 for a 11 pound (average) block. (Shipping weight 13 pounds)

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  1. Peels off great! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Oct 2017

    I have not had a chance to use it but am going on the recommendation from my brother. He is totally sold on it.

  2. Excellent Product & Fast Shipping 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jul 2017

    There was no "brand name" in the product description, but I ordered this duck wax, anyway, because the price was very reasonable.
    Cornerstone shipped my parcel the same day I ordered & it arrived at my rural Canadian address in 5 days.....that's amazing considering I chose the cheapest shipping (FedEx International Ground).
    This wax works beautifully, much better than plain paraffin wax. It cracks less than paraffin & it's much faster & easier to peel. I recommend it with no reservations. Excellent product. Excellent price.
    **In case anyone needs this information...... I used this product to process Pekin ducks. I quickly & roughly dry-plucked the birds before dipping them in the wax/water mixture. (I pulled the large wing & tail feathers, then I quickly dry plucked (& saved) the best of the breast feathers & down. Then I plucked just enough feathers off the rest of the body to allow the wax to penetrate. This method worked perfectly & saved me the trouble of scalding the ducks before waxing. It was easy to save the best of the down/feathers using this method.(I placed the bird on a table to pluck it & dropped handfuls of the best feathers into a plastic barrel.)

  3. It's all about quality 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Dec 2014

    Waxing waterfowl is the final touch to a professional presentation. Our business is know for quality; and when it comes to our quality, we trust the quality of Cornerstone Farm Ventures to deliver the products that make that difference. Cornerstone Farm Ventures' Duck Wax is indispensable to our success.

    Thank you for that wonderful review!

  4. Makes plucking easy! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Oct 2014

    Plucking was time consuming and painfully tedious before I discovered this method. Now I'm done in no time flat and the finished birds look awesome!

  5. Worked well - Very fast shipping 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Sep 2014

    This was the first time we used this product. It worked pretty well I think we will need more practice.

    I was very impressed with the speed of shipping. We ordered on Saturday and it came on Monday which exceeded our expectations. Will order from this company again.

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