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AC Plier
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AC Hog Ring Plier. The next step in manual bag sealing pliers. The AC has a spring loaded jaw that holds each ring in place. Much better quality than the Starter Kit plier and will give you years of service. Simply open the jaws, insert a ring and it is held in place, this allows the plier to be put down without losing the ring.


4 Reviews

  • Posted by Heather on 27th Oct 2015


    Nice but a bit awkward

    I like sealing the bags with these clips because it looks better than zip ties....however I am an average size woman and the pliers have to be opened all the way to put a larger clip in and then it is really difficult to hold bag closed with one hand and squeeze these shut with the other....I finally got someone to help and then it works good. But I found that I had to very carefully push against the twisted neck of the bag and with very steady hands squeeze the pliers shut....not as easy as I figured is all. On some of the larger turkeys I found that even with a nice squeeze and closure, air came back in the bag....may be a novice issue, so hopefully with practice it will improve..

  • Posted by Chris on 28th Oct 2014


    Surprising good!

    I can't say that I held out a lot of hope that this plier would work really well. But holy cow! Even my tiny hands could handle it with ease and it bent the clips with very little pressure. I'd highly recommend this for small farm processing.

  • Posted by Tony on 22nd Jul 2014


    Great Product

    My advice is skip the starter kit and go to the AC pliers. Nice spring loaded action and comfortable grip.

  • Posted by Unknown on 27th May 2014


    AC Pliers

    wish i would have bought years ago