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Poultry Processing Equipment

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Poultry Processing Equipment.

Here at Cornerstone Farm Ventures, We strive to help you choose the right equipment for your Processing application. Not only does this help you and us, but it helps the average pastured poultry processor thrive in a world of factory farms. If you have the right Poultry Picker and Poultry Scalder then the cost of processing is kept down. Thus increasing your bottom line.

I recently talked with some of our customers about the cost of our equipment vs. the cost of some other brands on the market. There are some brands that are cheaper, but what is the actual cost of this cheaper equipment.If you buy a Chinese Chicken Plucker, which you cannot get parts for if it breaks. Or one that is made of cheap Plastic or Cheap Stainless that rusts the second year of operation, How much did you actually save?

Almost all of the Equipment that we have available is made right here in the USA. The Poultryman line of Chicken Pluckers and Scalders is our basic line. No bells or whistles just good ole American equipment. Sure it might be a few dollars more than the comparable sized plastic models, but it’s made out of stainless steel. And the stainless is twice as thick as some other versions.If you think of this like a vehicle, The Poultryman chicken Picker is like a Chevy Truck. It’s built to do the job and keep running year after year.

Now for the Producer that wants to upgrade to a more automated design. We offer Poultry Pluckers and Poultry scalders from Ashley Machine and Pickwick Knase. These are the Cadillac models of the poultry processing equipment. The timers are more precise, The Plucker has an available door that pops open when finished to let the birds go onto a catch table etc. This lowers the amount of manual hours required for Processing.We have customers with 30 year old Ashley Pickers and Scalders that are still using them every day.How’s that for built to last?

WE also offer various other Poultry Processing Equipment, From Knives and Kill Cones to kill racks. Even custom length motorized evisceration Line conveyors, if that’s what you need to be successful.

The bottom line is this: If you buy good American equipment once, the cost will be less in the long run.

If you buy good American made equipment once. The cost will be less in the long run.

If you have any questions or need something special. We are just a phone call away 607-334-9962.

Or visit our website at

Have a good day! Go raise some pastured chickens.

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